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Positive Attitude – A Panacea For Many Ills

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty-Winston Churchill

We have heard many times that positive thinking is a key to health, success and happiness. But seldom do we realize or practice it into our own lives. Positive attitude and optimism can bring in a lot of benefits in our life. A person with a positive attitude lives a healthier, happier and a long life.
Positive thinking is known to provide a direction to our life and its benefits in our day-to-day life. It is one of the most effective strategies for stress management and improves our overall wellbeing.

Now let us know what an attitude really is. An attitude is a state of mind, or a way of thinking which we believe is right. A positive attitude, therefore, can be inculcated into our lives if we earnestly make sincere efforts to do so.

Researchers have always stressed upon the beneficial effects of positive thinking and optimism on our health. An optimistic attitude towards life is instrumental in decreasing negative stress and prepares us better to face the hardships of life.

Positive thoughts help to motivate healthy behaviors including good diet and staying physically active. Remember, when our thoughts are in our control, they can be very powerful. We can reach and maintain good health and fitness with the right attitude.

Studies prove the fact that people with positive outlook towards life are more successful in their efforts to lose weight or follow a fitness exercise regime than people with dwindling mind-set or those who are under confident ones. Self-confidence is the key to successful behavior change.

Psychology finds a strong and a direct relationship between positive attitude and good health. Studies reveal the fact that an optimistic attitude early in life ensures good health and well being in later life.

Christopher Petersen, PhD, in his book, A Primer in Positive Psychology, writes about the benefits of positive attitude in our life. He finds that ‘optimism has demonstrable benefits, and pessimism has drawbacks.’ He goes on to add further, ‘..optimism…has been linked to positive mood and good morale; to perseverance and effective problem solving; to academic, athletic, military, occupational, and political success; to popularity; to good health; and even to long life and freedom from trauma.

Your attitude is a matter of your choice. You can choose to have a positive outlook towards life. Once you have made up your mind to think positive, you will start feeling better about yourself and see good results coming your way. So, it is never too late to change your outlook towards life to reap the benefits of a positive attitude.

Living in a highly-competitive world, we might, at some point of time, feel stifled by the stress and strains of life. Here in comes the role of positive thinking to provide a whiff of optimism and help us discover a new meaning in our life. Positive thinking acts as a stimulus to boost our energy levels and recharge us for living life with a positive outlook.

The energy of the mind is the essence of life- says Aristotle.
Life is what we think it should be, or in other words, it is our attitude which colors our thoughts and influences our outlook towards life. Although easier said than done, it becomes all the more important to start taking small but affirmative steps for directing our thought process with a positive attitude towards life. Remember, we become what we think. So, we need to direct our energy towards replacing our negative thoughts with positive thoughts to make life worth living.

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A Positive Attitude – The Power To Choose

Perhaps the greatest power that a person possesses is the power to choose. Every day of our lives we are faced with many different kinds of choices. Mundane choices, ho hum choices such as what to wear and what to eat; what to watch on TV and which radio station to listen to. These choices are sometimes made with little thought or enthusiasm.

Other choices require soul-searching, in-depth thinking, a conscious effort, honest appraisal of a situation. Most of those types of choices are life-changing. Most situations are a matter of choice. The power of choice is inspiring.

Francois Marie Voltaire, one of France’s greatest writers and philosophers wrote these words: “life itself is a sum of all our choices. Life is all about choices.”

Each day, we are faced with coping with life and its challenges. Every day we are often faced with an important choice. How will we live the day? Will it be a good day or will we look forward to a miserable day? A positive attitude can make everyday living better. Life can become more meaningful, goals can become more attainable and the future can be more exciting and productive. A negative attitude can lead to destruction. We are either the master of our attitude – or the victim! It’s a matter of personal choice. The choice is ours.

Is your Attitude causing you problems?

You can tell that it is when…
• You don’t expect to succeed, so you’re defeated before you even start.
• You look to the future in resignation and to the past in regret.
• You always find more reasons why something won’t work than why it can.
• You’re convinced that you’re never going to get any better than you are right now.
• You believe that the glass is half empty but only temporarily, because you’re going to have even less after some evaporates

However, when your Attitude is positive…
• You feel in charge of life and ask what more can you do to make it better.
• Success is never a matter of “if,” only a matter of “when”.
• You first know that anything is possible — then you figure out how.
• You can’t wait until tomorrow because you keep getting better every day.
• You believe the glass is half full, but only temporarily, because you’ve got your order in for more, and you’re busy getting bigger glasses.

If we want to enjoy life and live it to the fullest we must learn to develop a positive attitude. A positive attitude can be powerful. It helps us to cope more easily with the daily affairs of life. It brings optimism into our lives and makes it easier to avoid worry and negative thinking.

The Desiderata is a wonderful poem that can help encourage us to find a positive way of life.

A positive attitude can lead to happiness and success and can change your whole life. If you look at the bright side of life, your whole life becomes filled with light. This light affects not only you and the way you look at the world, but also your whole environment and the people around you. If it is strong enough, it becomes contagious.

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Positive Attitude, Power to Succeed – Negative Attitude, Leads to Failure


Every Human being is a born Champion, but its the Attitude that makes him/her a winner or a looser. Man’s greatest power lies in the attitude he follows. Attitude of an individual is his actions and behaviour towards life. All of us are affected, in one way or another by our attitude towards life. Our attitude determines our present and brightens our future. Our attitude also affects the people living around us. A healthy and positive attitude is must for attainment of an individual’s dreams. Being Positive is a mental attitude that creates fruitful results.


Negative thoughts, words and attitude bring up negative and unhappy moods and actions whereas Positive thinking not only make happy and pleasant mood but create an aura of positivity and enthusiasm. People with a negative outlook usually end up in frustration. Meanwhile, those people who put up an optimistic attitude experience a good quality life and are able to fulfill their dreams. Those who have the positive attitude will always focus on finding the solution for the problems and thus give encouragement to fight with the problems whereas people with negative attitude will just think of problems and wont try to think of the solutions. Positive attitude has a power to attract good and beautiful but Negative attitude repels them. Thus people like to be around positive people and avoid negative ones.


The type of attitude we carry is contagious to people around us. Positive attitude must be like blood that flows in your body always i.e both in your good times and bad times. It is a normal thing for a person to be positive when his life gives him happiness and peace of mind but the person who carries positive behaviour even when his life is going through worst times is a real fighter. Positive thinking helps us in living a challenging and successful life.

Attitude towards life must be positive to succeed in your life. Thus, anyone who is eager to succeed must work towards developing a positive attitude…!! To become an expert achiever in any human activity regularity is vital, therefore if we want to develop positive attitude, we must work hard to improve our mindset and attitude on a continuous basis. This can be done by repeatedly feeding your mind with uplifting messages, quotations, sayings and affirmations.

This website helps you to maintain positivity among your inner self. The success quotes [] provided by the website may encourage one to lead his life peacefully and successfully.

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Obtaining a Positive Attitude – The Change For a Better Lifestyle

What is an attitude? An attitude is your “take” on something. Generally speaking, most people’s attitudes are reflected in their tone of voice and body language. Practically everyone, in every capacity, strongly suggests some sort of attitude. But, what some people don’t realize is that an attitude can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Some people have the attitude that what you expect is what you get – and as this proves mostly true – then it is obvious that we should all be keeping a positive attitude.

A positive attitude is contagious. The more positivity you bring into areas of your life, the more it tends to spread onto the other areas. Your attitude also affects those around you. When someone tends to be negative it rubs off on you. But, if you are more positive and the people you are around are more positive, it is easier to get along and stay around them. This is the main reason why people with positive attitudes seem to have wider networks of family, friends, associates and colleagues that at some point gravitated toward them rather than away from them. An attitude not only changes your outlook on the world and those around you, but it also highly affects others’ perceptions of you.

So, how exactly do you create a positive attitude? You would do it the exact same way you would when you are developing a negative attitude – by thinking. All that is required to create a positive attitude is to maintain conscious positive thoughts until they become automatic. When negative thoughts start to intrude, it’s simple, ignore them and bring your mind back to the positive.

Becoming successful through a positive attitude isn’t always easy. First, try doing a little homework and research to clearly define and highlight the positive aspects of your situation. Recognizing the positive side to any situation allows you to think and speak more positively on the subject. Also, when you see something wrong with the situation, step back to correct it or rebuild it. A positive attitude includes corrections, revisions, and adjustments in order to bring the situation to its strongest positive light. You always want to keep the positive in the forefront of your thinking throughout any situation.

There are two approaches to being positive, long-term and short-term. Of the two, short-term positivity usually occurs because solid facts have been brought to the situation that allow for a positive attitude, i.e. you are almost finished a major project. On the other hand, it is just as important to maintain a positive attitude over the long- term, so that details and directions can be decided more efficiently. To maintain a long-term positive attitude, most people rely heavily on the qualities and abilities of the people involved in the same situation.

And, if all of this doesn’t make you want to become more positive, then maybe your state of health will convince you. Modern healthcare studies reported that a positive attitude has a powerful impact on your heart rate, blood pressure, quality and length of sleeping habits, digestion and even relationships. All this means that a positive outlook means you can be living a longer and better life.

Being successful at anything you do, requires a positive attitude. So why not turn your thinking around – you’ll be surprised by the improvement found in life’s situations, your health and even the relationships with those around you.

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Positive Attitudes Bring About Positive Results

We’ve all heard about the power of positive thinking, and many have really tried to think positively but may not have noticed the results they desired. Read on and see how positive attitudes can bring about positive results.

A Positive Attitude Doesn’t Mean Ignoring the Obvious

Some people would like you to believe that you can change the world by merely pretending that everything is wonderful, no matter how bad your situation is. Positive thinking isn’t ignoring the obvious, but ignoring the obvious can be detrimental and demoralizing.

Positive attitude is instead, a process of finding something positive in every situation, even the bleakest. Looking at the positive side will usually allow you the clarity of thought to find new ways to move out of bad situations into better ones, and eventually to good or great situations. Conversely, looking at the negative side of a situation blocks creativity and thought, and generally leads to more negative situations.

Benefits to a Positive Attitude

Positive thinking brings about benefits that you wouldn’t at first imagine. A mental attitude that expects good or favorable results helps mould our behavior towards activities that create a positive environment. Generally, a positive mind anticipates happiness, joy, health and success in whatever endeavor you attempt. When you do encounter less than favorable circumstances, you will find you are more resourceful than someone that does not have a positive attitude, thereby helping insure your success.

Henry Ford was known to say “Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right.”

This particularly rings true when it comes to keeping a positive attitude.

Beyond Mere Attitude

Actually, calling attitude “mere” may be doing it disservice, as your attitude is the result of quite a number of factors, the least of which may be your conscious actions. However, it is clear that your conscious actions greatly affect your attitude. While you may not think so at first, you CAN affect your attitude through some very powerful tools that are relatively simple and easy to implement.

First, watch yourself and see how you talk. Back in the early or mid ’90s, I attended a series of lectures by Gregg Braden, and one of the thins he brought up during one of the breaks was the concept of positive speech. With positive speech, you make statements that are positive in relation to what you do, want or need, instead of negative ones. This deliberate speech moves you to a more positive way of being that can radically affect your attitude. Yes, they are a form of affirmation. I was particularly interested in a habit he had of “canceling” phrases we use every day. Whenever he would say something that could be interpreted literally, such as “I laughed so hard I nearly died”, he would follow it with “cancel that thought” as soon as he realized it could have been mis-interpreted. If you say “I want this thing” the universe allows you to want, instead of helping you provide it. If, as you watch yourself, you find that you are using a lot of phrases that could be considered negative, try to change how you speak. Every little change you make in turning your speech positive will help improve your attitude, and that will help make you life more positive.

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